Firefly’s postnatal classes are 60 minutes of wonderful yoga dedicated solely to mum. We focus on postures to help gently realign the spine and connect with deep core muscles and pelvic floor. We work from the inside out to support the body's natural healing process. We also use postures to  open the chest and upper body, often tight from feeding and cuddling your baby.  These postures also facilitate easier breathing which helps calm the central nervous system allowing you to relax and alleviate any feelings of anxiety which can be very common in the postnatal period. We work to strengthen weakened pelvic floor muscles and incorporate isotonic based movements to gently reawaken core muscles.  Our aim is to have you floating out of class, feeling a little brighter and a little bit more like your old self!

I am now on maternity leave so will not be teaching throughout 2018. 


Vicki is working with small group privates and NCT friends in postnatal yoga classes. Please email or call Vicki on 07968 426 650 for more information. You are welcome to bring your babies to class - we provide playmats and toys for those babies not sleeping!