Private classes are extremely beneficial to yoga practitioners of all levels. As a beginner student you may wish to learn yoga fundamentals and basic alignment before joining a more general class. A more experienced student may wish to work on specific postures to open a certain part of your body, such as tight shoulders from working at a computer all day. And of course choosing private instruction means you can have your lessons whenever and wherever you want!

Your individual goals, needs and ability are taken into account and a suitable practice can be designed specifically for you, whether it be to build strength, increase flexibility, open tight shoulders or improve your general health. Whether you want private lessons on a regular basis or just want a class or two to work on something in particular, we can tailor the style, level and content to achieve exactly what you need.

Please call me on 07968 426 650 or email to confirm prices and book your private session. 


"Since my yoga journey began over two years ago, I have yet to receive the level of quality teaching that Vicki provided. Coming to yoga as a complete beginner with pre-existing injuries I had my limitations but through weekly classes with Vicki I experienced considerable changes to my body and posture which wouldn't have been achieved without her expertise and emphasis on correct posture throughout each class.

Vicki takes a very hands-on approach, enabling your body to achieve its full potential during the session. This is done whilst being sensitive to your individual limitations, which is something I haven't been able to find in other classes.

Vicki continues to be the best instructor I've had and I would recommend her classes to all old and new yogis."

James, private client

"Vicki's enthusiasm and passion for yoga really come across in her teaching. Her classes are just the right balance of challenging and nurturing. She really makes you earn that blissful Svanasana!"

Prady, private client