Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies is a series of groundbreaking techniques that could mean the difference between a physiological birth and medical intervention, including caesarean birth. These are a series of techniques that are taught in a private, one-to-one environment so that you become confident in performing them weekly with your partner so you know what to try in the instance of your labour stalling or if it is not progressing as you would like. Spinning Babies postures include side-lying release, forward-leaning inversion and Robozo sifting all of which release uterine ligaments, open the soft tissue and tone pelvic floor muscles to get baby into an optimal position for pregnancy and birth.

Spinning Babies techniques compliment the Firefly Yoga classes perfectly. Classes are taught in a one-to-one environment and give detailed anatomical explanations so you understand why it is so important to regularly perform the bodywork. Myofascial release work is incorporated into the sessions so you leave feeling informed, in control and deeply relaxed.